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SBS Salons is an advance training beauty course for license beauticians. Please note carefully of our policies for the usage of personal information we collect from our users on our website.


We use your information for the sole purpose of our website and for sending you updated information of our future event training events and with our affiliated networks such as your name and email. We will not release it to any random third party that we have no affiliation with. By using this site, you agree to the collection and use information of our policy.


While using our site, we may also ask you certain personal information in order for us to contact you or identify who you are. Personal information is not limited to your name.

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SBS Salons, a Roslindale, Massachusetts based salon, invites you to indulge in our extensive range of beauty, hair, and nails services, available to you under one roof. SBS Salon is unique, and offers affable ambiance, delightful surroundings and a proficient team that will proffer you with admirable standards of beauty salon services. Download our app to stay updated on events and services offered by us!

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