7 Hottest Beauty Trends That Are Going To Be Raging Hits In 2017

by Mars Leucetius | Friday 23rd of December 2016 |        

There are so many trends popping every day. Women, who love to be in sync with current trends of fashion, have the habit to go through magazines and web portals. However, it becomes hard for them decide which one to try. One might find some trends edgy while some are relatively easy to pursue. Resultantly, it becomes really confusing! To avoid this muddle, we present top 7 hottest beauty trends of 2016, which will doubtlessly rule in 2017 as well!

Try fringes
Whatever locks-length you carry – short or long, fringes owes the magic to deliver a unique look on everyone. Even if you don’t like, once in a while visit a professional beauty salon in Boston, and take the risk to pick fringes. This new challenge might result in something great this year to you.

Chrome Nails
If you love all metallic finish for your nails then it can be achieved through Chrome nail polish, Metallic nail wraps or high pigment powder. It gives a mirror manicure effect that begins to reflect.

Gold is not evergreen
Wearing gold colors on your makeup or on your nails are all over this year. But the gold sparkly lipsticks have made a comeback from the 90’s. It might be bit challenging to sport! However, if it suits your skin tone, then it guarantees a different look to you. In the day time, you may want to skip the glitters.

Pick some orange & red for your eyes
Whether it is your thing or not, red or orange eye is really a thing, many love it. In addition to this, you can pick up any popular eye shadow palette, the colors of which for sure are on the hit this year.

Change the eyeliner color
Why only the black? Add few more appealing colors of eyeliner, this year. Bright pink, blue, white or cobalt can add a bit more to your 2016 makeup. In addition to this, you can make your wing stand out, by adding sparkly glitter eyeliners as well.

Defined eyebrows
After years long trend of thin brows, 2016 is the spotlight year, to pick up bold brows. Many reputed beauty salon services offer bold eyebrow that will define your face. When you can avail glam up brows, you can actually skip makeup.

Dark colored lips
Apart from those conventional lip colors – reds or pinks, this year, you can pick up some darker shades as well. Dark lip colors – blacks, dark purples and blues are very much in this year. Wearing these colors might prove a bit odd, but when it is coupled with a little bit of gloss on it, you are all set to stand out.

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