How Does SBS Work?

  • 1. Sign up for an orientation with us. Know who we are and what we can do help make your beauty career successful.

  • 2. Once you made your decision to join us, we will set up an account for you. Your coaching and mentoring course will begin immediately and course schedule will be catered to meet your schedule needs.

  • 3. The course will begin with SBS educating you with about the importance of being a successful stylist and noting down your action plans with us to help you complete your program at SBS.

  • 4. Next, part of your action plan will involve life connections with potential customer through networking that SBS will connect you with.

  • 5. Another piece to your action plan will involve a financial analysis with a SBS financial specialist to teach and educate you how to make your money work for you. Through this piece of financial action plan, you can retire rich and tax free as well as in the event that you are sick.

  • 6. Last but not least, your main beauty coaching will take you live onto the salon floor to work with real customers. This will be your internship and your income as you learn with us.

  • 7. Our action for you is our secret. When you have fully complete your coaching and mentoring course with us, we can assure you that if you have done what you are required to do to complete this program, you will be become the CEO of your beauty career.

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SBS Salons, a Roslindale, Massachusetts based salon, invites you to indulge in our extensive range of beauty, hair, and nails services, available to you under one roof. SBS Salon is unique, and offers affable ambiance, delightful surroundings and a proficient team that will proffer you with admirable standards of beauty salon services. Download our app to stay updated on events and services offered by us!

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